Tailored Trip

From North to South and East to West: You can easily spend weeks in Costa Rica discovering new wonders every day! After years of having lived here and worked as a tour guide, I still cannot stake my claim to fame of knowing the entire country in all its intricate detail… however, I am getting there. And certainly I know it better than most!



The Tailored Trips Costa Rica work on a simple basis: We talk it over and make plans together!

Open roads all around: We can visit every nook and cranny of the country and define the travelling style you prefer. A romantic round-trip for a couple in love? Sure. A small group of family or friends or even a larger company? No problem! My recommendation is to explore Costa Rica on a guided tour. However, of course, it is also possible to set off exploring in a rental vehicle.

Szenen im Nebelwald

Cloud Forest Scenery

Of course, we may tie the itinerary down to the last detail with everything having been booked and pre-arranged for perfect peace of mind. Alternatively, we can agree on an open itinerary giving us full flexibility. Where accommodation is concerned: Costa Rica has it all. Shall it be simple, local lodging or an elegant luxury hotel? Do you plan on visiting the country’s highlights or is the remote, out of the way destination that sparks your interest? A few easy days on the beach or a tough, multi-day hike? How about climbing Costa Rica’s tallest mountain? Followed by a scuba dive, white-water rafting or an elegant night at the national theatre? But then, you may just be content to stroll the local markets, observing the hustle and bustle of the people picking up their week’s groceries and sampling the fresh fruit?

There is no need to reach for the skies to experience and enjoy wonderful Costa Rica. However, (well… I just have to mention this) it is always possible to slip a tandem paragliding flight into the itinerary!

Sounds good? What happens next…

Just send me an email for more information or to make a booking. I am looking forward to hearing from you!