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More than 15 Years of Experience in Costa Rica

In-depth familiarity with every aspect of Costa Rica. As a tour guide I know the country intimately in all its great diversity. I am here, on site, with my ear to the ground!

Full Flexibility

I listen to all your expectations, plans and concerns and will tailor a Costa Rica experience to fit you!

Direct Contact

No hotlines, no frontdesk hurdles: I am there for you: fast and friendly and with all the answers at hand!

Warm-hearted Service with a Smile

I love Costa Rica and I love my job. From the first contact, throughout the tour, as your guide, to the final farewells… I am there for you!

Tailored Costa Rica Holiday

With or without Paragliding: we plan the your perfect holiday from scratch!

Paragliding Round-Trip

Fly and Explore Costa Rica in the company of others sharing the passion!

Adventure all-included

A Costa Rica Trip for the Daring with a Kayak, Tandem Paraglider and sturdy pair of Hiking Boots aboard our adventure vehicle.

Kayaking & Paddling

Explore Costa Rica`s beautiful coastlines, rivers and lakes!

Paramotoring in Costa Rica

Go where you please and enjoy Costa Rica from above!

Costa Rica is a small country with an astounding diversity. Nestled between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, between high mountains and lush rainforests, Costa Rica is a world of wonder waiting to be explored. Costa Rica stands for intact nature and friendly people. Like no other place, there are new sights and attractions at every other turn of the road. The tiny country at the heart of Central America is always worth a visit guaranteeing fascinating travel experiences!

I have been living and working in Costa Rica for many years, now. My job as a tour guide has allowed me to travel up and down and all around this wonderful country. More than just a job this is a calling for me that still instils me with passion. Being intimately familiar with Costa Rica, it is an easy feat and indeed a pleasure to design tailored trips no matter whether you are interested in superbly comfortable VIP tours or activity filled adventures, ticking off the Costa Rican highlights or discovering those hidden jewels in the remote nooks and crannies.

Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rican Tours

And then, of course, I am an enthusiastic paragliding pilot! The next step was only logical and I now offer paragliding tours in Costa Rica! We will go on a paragliding round-trip through Costa Rica that will introduce you to the sights and sceneries from lofty heights. The itinerary includes different take-off sites as well as the country’s natural highlights. And despite the ride through the clouds, there is always enough time dedicated to meeting the locals, both pilots and ground dwellers, as well as visiting the beaches and national parks.

The Costa Rica paragliding trips are designed for experienced pilots, however, those that do not fly may also look forward to a diverse and entertaining trip to some of the country’s most enchanting destinations.

Let it be mentioned that, apart from the standard round-trip, I also offer tailored paragliding tours through Costa Rica.

Our 4×4 Offroad Adventures introduce you to Costa Rica’s wild side. Get off the beaten path and discover the back roads and remote nooks and crannies.

And then you can go all-in with adventures all-inclusive: Our adventures all-inclusive vehicle allows you to explore Costa Rica with a sturdy 4×4, a kayak, tandem paraglider and a good pair of hiking boots. Experience Costa Rica from the ground, the air and the water! Kayaking and Paddling is another great option: Costa Rica offers stunning beauty along its rivers, lakes and both the Atlantic and Pacifik Ocean!

Well… I hope to hear from you and see you soon in Costa Rica!