Kayak & Paddling

Experience Tropical Costa Rica on the Water

A lush country criss-crossed by rivers and framed by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean… No doubt: Costa Rica Rica is perfect for kayaking and paddling! Set off exploring! Take a look at our Youtube Videos! Here is the channel!

Guided Kayak Vacation in Costa Rica?

Everything from a day-trip to a long and leisurely vacation: accompanied by an experienced tour guide who is well acquainted with the best spots for paddling. Just send me an email for inquiries and reservations. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

Kayaks for Rent!

Adventurers and experienced Paddlers exploring Costa Rica independantly may also rent our kayaks. Please keep in mind that you will need a suitable vehicle for transportation. We recommend the Toyota from Tico.reisen, which already comes equipped with a roof rack. Just send me a note for more information! And, of course, we have plenty of recomendations for exciting kayak tours.



Kayak on the way to Tortuga IslandCosta Rica`s coastline is beautiful and nearly in all places suitable for kayaking. Hidden bays and nearby islands invite you to explore! Just an example: How about visiting a nesting sea bird colony on a lonely island out in the bay?  Or would you prefer to paddle out to a Carribbean reef and take a peek beneath the waves with a mask and snorkel? Paddling into the sunset? Or exploring a hidden bay?


Kayak in the Mangrove ForestCosta Rica is blessed with countless lush rivers. These rivers are especially well suited for observing Costa Rica`s diverse wildlife. The waterways offer an insight that few visitors every get to enjoy: far from busy walking trails and noisy roads.


Kayak in front of the Arenal VolcanoFirst and foremost, there is the large Lake Arenal! Against the backdrop of the imposing Arenal volcano, the sweet water lake is perfect for a large circuit. Lonely islands are well suited for a picnic and the cool water has the perfect temperature for a refreshing splash!


Our Sit-on-Top Kayaks

We use the robust and easy-to-operate Sit-on-Top Kayaks:

The inclosed air chamber makes the kayak unsinkable. It is easy to flip back into position even without the help of the shore or the ground.
Paddling through the surf? Not a problem: A wave rolling over the kayak just drains through the holes near your feet and you can just keep going!
Easy Handling
The Kayaks offer the perfect compromise between stability, maneuverability and directional stability. In short, they are easy to paddle. And should you ever flip it, you do not get stuck and it is easy to climb back inside.
At Home Everywhere
On the ocean, a river or a lake: these kayaks are suitable for every situation. The water is warm, so is the air, there is no problem should you be getting a little wet.
Paddling and Kayaking in Costa Rica is great fun: The warm temperatures, the countless pristine waterways and beautiful landscapes make it a pure joy. The is so much waiting to be explored!!! Talk to us about self-sufficient multi-day adventures!

Sounds good? What happens next…

Just send me an email for more information or to make a booking. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


“I travelled Costa Rica for 3.5 weeks with Nico and can only say that he is both friendly and relaxed. He is highly knowledgeable and you can do many activities with him like paragliding, kayaking, hiking and many more. I could not imagine a better guide for this unique Costa Rica tour. Absolutely recommendable!”
Karin, Germany, 2021