Paragliding Round-Trip

All in one: Explore beautiful Costa Rica from high above! Visit the ocean and the mountains, travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic – all in two weeks!

Two passions are fused into one: Flying paragliders and exploring vibrantly diverse Costa Rica. Six days are dedicated to flying different paragliding sites. And then, there will still be plenty of time for sweet idleness on the beach or for visiting some of the country’s wild national parks. For those that like their feet planted firmly on the ground, the paragliding round-trip certainly also has a lot to offer and rewards both pilots and ground dwellers with wonderful experiences.

The short version of the paragliding round-trip takes eleven days. Afterwards, you may choose to explore the rainforest canals of Tortuguero on the extension days. Do you have other plans? Just send us a message! It will be a pleasure to tailor additional adventures to your ideas and specifications!

Herzlich Willkommen!

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Who: P2 Rating or equivalent, able to launch and land unassisted

Price: Starting at 1599,- US Dollars


    • !Costa Rica is open once more to tourism!

    • 1st of May 2021 to 11th of May 2021 Paragliding Round-Trip – 14th of May with Tortguero Extension
    • 6ths of November 2021 to 16th of November 2021 Paragliding Round-Trip – 19th of November with Tortuguero Extension

    • individual dates are available on request with a minimum number of two participants –

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“Is is my first time to Costa Rica and I thought it might be wise to have a guide to introduce me to some of the basics and to some of the sites and regions at which I would my paraglider. Nico was a consummate professional and freely shared his knowledge of the many sights, cultural histories and norms as we travelled around together. He was prompt and attentive and patient. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and have no hesitations recommending him as your guide in this beautiful country.”
Tom Benson, CEO WildPlay

Day 1

Arrival in Costa Rica.

Day 2


Out over the Pacific Ocean

At 7am in the morning, we meet over a cup of strong coffee at breakfast. The first hellos having been said, we talk about the day’s programme and leave the capital headed for the Pacific Ocean to our first flight site Caldera. The friendly Swiss owner, Jean-Claude, is an excellent pilot himself and operates what you could fairly call the country’s most popular take-off. Caldera offers fine weather nearly year-round with a great ridge lift and endless ocean views. Time to take to the air! Those that do not fly may visit the beach down below or explore the harbour city Puntarenas. Alternatively, you may book a boat safari down the Tárcoles River crawling with crocodiles and waterfowl. The last pilot having touched down safely after a scenic flight, we continue our journey to Manuel Antonio.

Day 3 and 4

Kapuzineraffe in Manuel Antonio

Capuchin Monkey at Manuel Antonio

The Manuel Antonio National Park is famous both for its wildlife diversity and its startlingly beautiful beaches. But even better, the region offers several flight sites! After duly considering wind, weather, whims and wishes, the next two days may be spent flying, kicking back on the beach or observing the wildlife.

Day 5

Die hohen Berge

The high Mountains

Time to rise and shine early to continue our journey to San Isidro El General. We leave the beach behind and turn inland towards Costa Rica’s highest peaks. In the small village Rivas, we start heading up the hills to gain our take-off altitude, fingers crossed for constant thermals. Those that do no fly may alternatively visit the Cloud Forest Reserve in San Gerado. Having sipped a landing beer at one of the local pubs, we get back onto the road to cross the Cerro de la Muerte Mountain Pass en route to Turrialba.

Day 6


Take-off Turrialba

Early in the morning, we follow the twisting road that takes us up to the over 3000 metres high Irazú Volcano to take a peek into the rugged crater. As the day slowly heats up, we hurry to Costa Rica’s second most important site for paragliding: La Pastora de Turrialba offers ample space for take-off and landing on a neatly kept lawn and promises fairly dependable thermal lifts. It is well worth mentioning, that adjacent to the take-off, Don Noe runs a small, local restaurant that serves calf ragout as a speciality. Those that do not fly may visit the nearby archaeological site Guayabo, which dates back to pre-Columbian days.

Day 7

Basilica Cartago

The Basilica in Cartago

Today’s drive takes us past the old capital city Cartago and San José heading back towards the Pacific Ocean. We may once again ride the ridges at Caldera before we continue the drive towards the Nicoya Peninsula and the seaside town Sámara.

Day 8 and 9

Zeit zum Entspannen

Time for a relaxing Spell

Slowly our roundtrip is drawing to an end. However, before we face the hardship of having to go back home, we hit the beach at Sámara for a relaxing spell. We will be staying here for two full days, three nights – plenty of time for both digging your toes into the sand and additional activities. Several optional excursions are being offered locally. But most importantly, we may also enjoy a last stroll through the skies. The adventurous flying site Caballito offers great thermal flying and introduces you to the charming owner Victor and his wife. Here, it is a paragliding flight that requires some hiking and has to be earned: The ascend to the take-off site takes you past plantations and through tropical dry forest before the trail suddenly opens onto the wide view of the Nicoya Peninsula about one hour later. We can arrange for Victor to take the gliders up to the take-off on horseback.

Day 10


At the local Market

Packing plenty of beautiful pictures and unforgettable experiences, it is time to return to San José, where we will take an interesting walk around the city centre. Having spent one last night in the capital, we take to the skies again –this time turbine-powered- back towards our respective home turf. As an optional extension, you may book a trip to the jungle canals at Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast.

Day 11

Flight home for all guests that have not booked the Tortuguero Extension.

Day 11 Tortuguero Extension

Die Kanäle Tortugueros

The Canals of Tortuguero

Early in the morning we hit the road headed for the Caribbean. After no more than two hours‘ driving time, breakfast is served in Guápiles. Sometime later, we swap the bus for a boat and continue our journey to visit the car-free village Tortuguero. Tortuguero is famous for its lush rainforest criss-crossed by twisting canals vibrant with life. Only boats and small aircraft can reach these estuary swamplands. Moreover, the months June through to October offer an age-old phenomena: After an unfathomable long journey, sea turtles come to the beach of Tortuguero for nesting.

Day 12 Tortuguero Extension

Kaiman in Tortuguero

Caiman saying Hello in Tortuguero

An open boat is the perfect way to get up close to the Tortuguero National Park’s wild nature. Slowly cruising down the canals, we may spot a multitude of waterfowl, monkeys, caimans and many other wildlife species. The free afternoon may be used for optional activities.

Day 13 Tortuguero Extension

Meeresschildkröte auf dem Weg ins Meer

Farewell Tortuguero

After breakfast, we ride boat and bus back to San José. Lunch is served along the way. The arrival in San José is expected around mid-afternoon.

Day 14 Tortuguero Extension

Flight back home.


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