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About Costa Rica

A mere 51 100 square kilometres of national territory harbour an incredible diversity of wildlife, landscapes and memorable experiences! Costa Rica’s privileged location between two oceans, separated by soaring mountains, promotes a great variety of climates and habitats that are often found at only a few kilometres’ distance from each other.

Having recognised its potential, Costa Rica plays a leading role in the protection of the environment. Apart from recycling projects and initiatives for sustainable tourism, Costa Rica has established and safeguards vast national parks in all parts and climate zones of the country.

Costa Rica is well suited as a destination year round. The dry season in the Pacific Ocean region and the capital San José starts in November/December and runs until May. However, the green season, which is generally referred to as the “winter”, is also well suited for travelling these parts of the country. The temperatures do not change significantly. As a rule of thumb, in the so-called “winter” a dry and sunny morning is followed by a rain shower in the course of the afternoon.

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The Caribbean region is complicated. It is completely unpredictable. At any time of the year, the region can be all sunshine … or the complete opposite. In exchange, nature rewards us with lush rainforests. In September and October, when the rainfalls reach their climax in most parts of the country, the Caribbean coast, just to make its point it seems, often puts on a show of sunny weather.

Costa Rica is a challenge for those that study the weather or attempt to predict it. Occasionally, one end of a valley is flooded with torrential downpours, while the other end invites you to stroll down the street for an ice-cream. In short, there are no fast guidelines to determine the most favourable season or region for paragliding. The dry season presents itself as a logical solution. However, it is also more prone to unfavourable winds. We have all learned this lesson: Those who take to the skies without the aid of an engine learn to love and respect capricious Mother Nature, for better or worse.

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In its Central American setting, Costa Rica is a highly developed country with a stable economic and political background. These are all ingredients for a carefree and uncomplicated holiday in a beautiful destination. Then again, as it so often happens, high standards go hand in hand with a corresponding price tag. Do not be surprised to find that many prices are quite similar to what you would pay back home. All major credit cards are accepted. In addition to the local currency Colones, the US dollar is widely accepted everywhere.

No special vaccinations or health issues need to cloud you mind when visiting Costa Rica. European or US citizen do not need to apply for a visa.

Costa Rica is blessed in abundance with mountains, twisting roads and construction sites. You should not underestimate driving times.


When is the best travel time in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica can be visited the year round – this is especially true for any round trip. A marked dry season affects only the North West. All other parts of the country are lush and green year-round.

How safe is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica stands out in Central America for its great general safety. Costa Rica is modern and easy to travel.

Do I need a Visa for Costa Rica?

US or UK and most other passports will not require a visa. Upon entry you will automatically be issued a 90 day tourist visa.

How expensive is Costa Rica?

Nick-named “Central America`s Switzerland”, Costa Rica is certainly not cheap. Expect to pay as much as you would at home, in same cases maybe even a little more. On the upside, you will experience a thriving and highly diverse country whose friendly people are welcoming, educated and polite.

Is Costa Rica for Everyone?

It certainly is! Especially those on a round-trip come to experience Costa Rica`s lush nature. But then, of course, there are all the wonderful beaches, the state-of-the-art hotels, adventure activities and cultural events! Costa Rica is kids-friendly and has many barrier-free facilities.

And finally, to raise your appetite for Costa Rica, here is a promotional clip released by the Costa Rican tourism bureau: (links to external content on Youtube)



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